Things You Can Do With Free Time

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Things You Can Do With Free Time

Deciding how to title this post was not easy.  I may have toyed with the idea of labeling my friends crazy.  It’s possible I tried to make you jealous, through bragging about my adventurous friends.  In the end however, I would rather inspire than negate. So let these adventures push you over the edge, out of your […]

Mille Lacs Kathio

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Sometimes I will have a free day sneak up on me and I just won’t know what to do with it. They are rare and usually a surprise via cancellation or change-of-plans.  However, a few weeks ago, I found myself with a free day.  One that I knew of ahead of time.  Naturally I planned a mini-adventure. […]

Jen and Jake

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Every wedding is special.  We know that.  But every so often, a wedding comes around that is a little extra special.  For the photographer at least. I feel old every time I start dropping numbers about how many years it’s been since I’ve done something or known someone.  I’ve known Jennifer since what, could be […]

Minnesota County Fairs

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Every summer in Minnesota, for an all too short amount of time, fairgrounds churn out an interesting mix of shaved ice, dust, and frivolity. Long conversations are had about the weather, how it is currently and how it was in years past. Bulls are ridden and entertainment is enjoyed. Welcome to Minnesota County Fairs. I […]

iPod Photography – The Lost Files

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Yes, it’s true.  There are times where I’ll scoff at those who think that the camera in their phone is the next best thing and that’s all they need.  Why bother carrying around something that takes up an extra pocket, doesn’t have cool filters, and won’t upload straight to Instagram?  But what would you say […]

My Little Garden

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You hear that sound of hard, dry dirt on a steel shovel.  Try to imagine the feeling of black soil working its way under your fingertips.  Your hand gently spreads the earth over the precious seeds.   It will harbor them until they emerge from the darkness.  They will be safe, warm, and kept damp by […]

A Day At The Diamond

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Yesterday I was fortunate to find myself with a little free time after work.  It was a nice day, with the sun out and shining.  Though forecasted, no rain had dared to show it’s face, so I wondered to myself just what I could get up to.  My camera was in the car, and I […]

Brotherly Love

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I’ve been to tons of weddings.  Quite literally.  If I were to weigh all the people at all the weddings I’ve been to, there would be tons of people trying to stand on that scale.  I’m sure someone would get hurt.  There would be the shrill cries of a baby or two.  Somebody’s white dress […]

If You’re Not Sweating, You’re Doing It Wrong

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Whether that’s the official mantra or not, when participating in Zumba, those are the words I live by.  And believe me, the sweat comes easy enough.  With beats that would move the hips of even the most uncoordinated and shy, there won’t be any problem letting your cares slip away as your dance your way […]

Ten Days In

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I’m only ten days in to my project dubbed “The Leap Year Chronicles” and it’s already managed to put me through a whirlwind of excessively creative bouts and depressingly unimaginative fits.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, no big deal.  Simply put, I wanted to do what everyone else was doing, and […]