The Beginning

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You have stumbled upon, or been directed to, history in the making.  Although it will be an on-going project, it has finally come into fruition today!  I believe I can honestly say it is the longest, single project I have worked on.  It marks over two years of work, sometimes hard work, sometimes slack work.  Here’s the short story.

Two years ago in early 2009 my dear friend Darin Ronne came to me with an idea.  He needed to design a website and logo for a school project and he asked if he could create one for my photography.  Genius idea I thought!  So we began.  Initially it went well, we were on track, there were deadlines, and we got things done.  I don’t know how he was graded on the project, but we each came out with something in the end.  And it wasn’t good enough for us.

Actually I was going to leave it but Darin wanted a redesign.  I’m glad he did.  So he began that and I waited.  Then he waited on me for content, photos, prices, etc.  I worked on it here and there, but as summer came along I got mixed up in road trips, work that took me out of town, and finally I ended up leaving for Antarctica.  We never finished.

I returned in April of 2010, gung-ho to get it all finished as soon as possible.  I started throwing him some pictures, some words…but not enough to finish.  Of course there was designing a new logo as well.  It took threeof us, my general idea, my father’s penmanship, and Darin’s computer to put it all together.  The site wasn’t ready to go yet and again my summer jobs crept up on me and I was gone for weeks at a time working, traveling Honduras, and a road trip through the eastern US and Canada for three months.

Coming back after that it became time to look for jobs and places to work.  Again in February of 2011 I had a renewed interest in finishing the project.  Slowly, once again, I resized images, retyped content, and resent details to Darin, who updated it all.  Then miraculously a few nights ago I spent a few hours typing up the last of the updates…


Thank you so much for stopping by, I look forward to sharing my vision with all of you. Keep checking in, as I learn about blogging (I think this is my fourth one ever?) it should get more and more exciting.  In closing with a statement based on the wise words of Red Green…

“And to the rest of you, thanks for watching. On behalf of myself and Darin and the whole gang up here at Hanson Photography… keep your stick on the ice.”

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