Dance is Everywhere

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Dance is everywhere.  You don’t have to be on stage or in a rehearsal studio to see it or appreciate it.  I’m a big fan of photography that takes something with an established set of unspoken rules, such as a ballerina belongs on stage or a swimsuit model belongs on a sandy beach, and changing the location on them.  I’d be lying if I said that this was all originally my own idea.  The friend of mine in these photos suggested I look at something called the “Ballerina Project”.  I suggest you look it up as well.  There are many examples of this man’s, Dane Shitagi’s, work online.  It became the inspiration behind the photos.

Now he works in a city where dancers and performers are a dime a dozen.  The architecture is amazing, there are endless possibilities for locations, and the arts are more common.  Why not try something a little more local, a little more Midwest?  With these photos I wanted to capture that same feeling, in locations my friends and family would recognize.  Push the boundaries, show that art and dance is everywhere.  And these won’t be the last, I fully intend to add to it.

So the next time you hear a good song in the grocery store, tap your foot.  When you’re driving down the highway, groove a little in your seat (safely of course).  And for Pete’s sake if you’re at a wedding, don’t be afraid of the dance floor!  I feel anywhere and everywhere can be acceptable places for dance.  When you’re moved to do it, do it.  How many chances will you get?  Not enough, that’s for sure.

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