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You’ve seen this face before, but where?  Was it, downtown the other night?  Maybe, I don’t know her personal schedule.  Was it in a show somewhere?  Most likely, she’s performed many times in many places in the last few years and even won some awards through Second Supper for her performances.  You’re still as cold as the ice in Antarctica (which believe me is pretty cold).  Her name is Samantha and you’ve just recently seen her in the last post here on Hanson Photography!

In her last shoot, she donned her ballet gear as we hit the town to show that dance is very much alive and well here in LaX.  This time, she donned her cheap, white bikini from Walmart and we hit the swamps.  What you’re probably saying in your heads (I can read minds) is that, “That’s ridiculous, why would you shoot a bikini model in a swamp?  Isn’t she going to get dirty?”  Exactly my point.  I’m trying to say that beauty is everywhere, especially in our natural habitats.  I’m trying to show people they can get out and enjoy the beauty of nature even if it isn’t the stereotypical sandy beaches and sparkling waters of our large oceans.  Throw a little mud on an attractive girl and…she’s still attractive.  Had there been leeches though, we’d be whistling different tunes.

So enjoy the photos we took and think about hitting the woods instead of the beach next time.  You won’t need a great tan and besides…you never who you might find playing in the mud!

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