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Honestly, I am still learning the art of “the blog”.  Does every post need to monumental in what it puts forth?  Can I (should I) share the little moments with you so you can begin to understand who I am and where I come from?  Does every post need a story to accompany it?

This sunny afternoon on a busy Sunday I found myself wandering in the woods along the water with an old friend.  She’s helped me both on stage and in front of the camera a number of times.  She was about to leave town in the near future and I wanted to fit in one more project.

To be free, to wander, to let your cares fall to your side and to immerse yourself in cleansing waters.  That’s what I had hoped to portray and I think that’s what we got.  Even though it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we had the area almost solely to ourselves.

May her travels and new life show her a great many things, and allow her to experience something new and wonderful.

May she fly with wings spread, open to whatever comes next.


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