Eat Mo’ Piggy!

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Eat Mo’ Piggy

If you haven’t heard of Piggy Blues Bar-B-Que, you will soon.  They are going forward on a project to put their name out there in a very big way.  Just keep your eyes peeled to the sky for some new billboards with their logo and a delectable looking sandwich that might seem like it’s going to fall on your lap as you drive by.  “How do I know this?” you ask.  “Where is your ‘insider’s’ information coming from?”  “Why should I care?”

Eat Mo' Piggy!

It started a few weeks ago when a mutual friend and photographer, Nick Adams of Supreme Images Photography, alerted me to the fact that he would be in the area.  We were supposed to get together to try out my new equipment, and work with some models.  We had a cancellation, but with every door that closes, another one opens.  We replaced the beautiful model with a beautiful sandwich, and it turned out better because this one we could take home!

Perfecting Perfection

We were to team up with part owner, Josh Diaz, to create an image that would make your mouth water as you drove past the sign.  How could I do that without knowing the sandwich though?  Obviously I would have to try one first.  The style of sandwich is a Po’ Boy.  I’m not certain on the history, but I’ve heard the name was coined after being served to striking workers in New Orleans a long time ago.  They were the original poor boys, but the sandwich held on to the name.  I would order the sub that topped their list, the “Pig Pen”.

Before & After

When that tasty monster came out, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was stuffed to the brim with coleslaw, French Fries, pickles, tomatoes, pulled pork, lettuce, and diced onions.  In order to fully appreciate it, I would have to finish the entire sandwich.  The nice thing about “Piggies” is that they provide you with some assistance, in the form of no less than six different barbecue sauces.  I seem to think there might have been a couple more that aren’t on the menu…I just went straight for the hottest one.  Now I’ve had some serious heat training in India and with friends chewing on Ghost Chili Peppers, so while it didn’t burn my mouth out it still gave you that kick that goes so well with this sandwich.

Ice Cream Lieutenant Dan, Ice Cream!

Halfway through I knew I shouldn’t eat anymore.  Then I ate the rest.  With something so tasty, it would be a shame to put it in a box and eat it later.  Nick and I brainstormed while we let our stomachs settle, and when the restaurant cleared out we went into photographer mode.  Lights went up, tripods came out, and we designed the classiest looking “Pig Pen” you’ve ever seen, with Josh’s professional critique.  Full as I was, I wanted to eat another.  It was with a great amount of personal strength that I didn’t jump on this one and run out the door.

Basic Ingredients

F-stops and focal lengths aside, we shot until we came up with an image that did this po’ boy justice.  Once we had all agreed we’d come up with a winner; we tore down and got ready to leave.  Josh wouldn’t have us go empty-handed however.  We each received a delicious smelling basket of goodies to take home.  I’d show you but they’re already gone.  However, here is what we came up with.  Forget models!

This is the real deal

I want to say it wasn’t all fun and games, but it really was!  Working with the kind folks at Piggy Blues made it a wonderful place to eat, and work.  Did you know, besides BBQ and pork, they also make their own gelato?  Don’t eat dessert first, you won’t want to get anything else off the menu.  There is also a full selection of bottled & tap beer, soda, salads, and appetizers.  Plus, if you want to share this amazing find with your friends, they cater!  I’ve been a fan of their food from the first time I stopped in, and it’s my first suggestion if anyone is looking for a restaurant in Austin, MN.  So take the guesswork out of where to eat, and stop on by.  You can befriend them on Facebook through their home page, and get a heads up on the menu at their website.

So next time the hunger comes-a-knockin’…Eat Mo’ Piggy!

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