Ten Days In

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I’m only ten days in to my project dubbed “The Leap Year Chronicles” and it’s already managed to put me through a whirlwind of excessively creative bouts and depressingly unimaginative fits.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, no big deal.  Simply put, I wanted to do what everyone else was doing, and try my hand at publishing a photo every single day of the year.  This year seemed perfect because we had an extra day, so my attempt would be a little different than Average Joe’s.  You can find it by “Liking” Hanson Photography’s Facebook page and following along every day.

I took this project on knowing it would not be overly simple.  To force one’s self to be aware, every day, of things in their lives that would be worth sharing is a bit of a challenge.   I’m constantly thinking to myself, “Well, would anyone even want to see a picture of that?”  Don’t try to imagine what I’m thinking about because you wouldn’t be right.  However, no matter how hard it is to think of something, it is my goal to complete this project and become a better photographer/person because of it.  It will force me to be constantly thinking, experimenting, and practicing.

Only ten days in, I’ve already managed to miss some.  Because I don’t have a laptop and sometimes go away for a weekend here or there, I might not be around to upload something.  It has occurred once so far that I missed two days in a row, even though I was taking photos and had ideas.  So fear not, should it appear that I haven’t uploaded anything, there will be something coming down the pipeline.

Personally, the goal is to document things that are happening in and around my life from day to day.  It has already been decided that it is ok to use photos that weren’t taken on the same day as they were uploaded.  I might try out new editing techniques, revisit an old trip, or simply wish to share an old memory.  You (nor I!) never know what it’s going to be, so check in every day and find out what I’ve been up to.

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