Brotherly Love

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I’ve been to tons of weddings.  Quite literally.  If I were to weigh all the people at all the weddings I’ve been to, there would be tons of people trying to stand on that scale.  I’m sure someone would get hurt.  There would be the shrill cries of a baby or two.  Somebody’s white dress would be getting dirty.  Numerous decorative cakes would be destroyed.  Alas, I digress.

However, none of these weddings could be looked at through the same lens as the next wedding coming up.  I saw each one as a bit of an outsider.  Nothing in my life would significantly change by the marriage of any of these couples.  This June, things will change.  When my brother walks down that aisle with his bride in tow, nothing will be the same.  If I go to visit, I’ll be staying at “their” place instead of “his” place.  No longer will he be sharing an apartment with a bunch of guy friends, but he’ll be in charge of something all his own.  I looked in on his old bedroom the other day and realized, he’s not coming back to this.  Though still young, our youth has changed, evolved, and ended.

I won’t get too sentimental, because I still have a speech to write and I don’t want to accidentally give any of it away.  As it gets to be almost time for his special day, we’re all doing our parts to help prepare.  It fell to me to be their engagement photographer.  I was glad to do it, and even more glad that he asked.

I made a quick trip for a weekend to the Twin Cities to grab some photos, and spend some time with the couple.  Thank goodness Mother Nature was so cooperative.  She blessed us with warm weather, beautiful sunshine, and a fair bit of wind.  All in mid-March in Minnesota.  Guess I’ll take a little wind if it means we were freezing our butts off like we should have been.  So here are a few of the highlights, more can be seen at Hanson Photography’s Facebook Fan Page.

A stolen piece of advice from a wise man named Red Green, “Keep your stick on the ice.  I’m pulling for ya, we’re all in this together.”

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  1. Otto von Münchow
    May 9, 2012

    A handful of lovely photographs


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