iPod Photography – The Lost Files

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Yes, it’s true.  There are times where I’ll scoff at those who think that the camera in their phone is the next best thing and that’s all they need.  Why bother carrying around something that takes up an extra pocket, doesn’t have cool filters, and won’t upload straight to Instagram?  But what would you say if I told you I was actually a fan of the images that came out of an iPod per se?

Why does a person take pictures in the first place?  Let’s be honest, it’s how we remember the moments we experience and share it with others.  It’s amazing today, kids have no idea the struggles we went through growing up with instant cameras you had to wait DAYS to find out what your pictures looked like.  The most control you had over a situation was to turn the flash on…or off.  Talk about tough choices.

On my last trip outside of the country, I brought my iPod along.  Sometimes; it is just fun to have that little guy with the cool filters.  I know my images are going to be ridiculously small.  I know I won’t really be able to zoom or control the aspects I’ve become used to on a DSLR.  But the joy I get from sharing something immediately on Facebook or the inspiration I get from using the variety of options is definitely worth it.  Often I’ll just take multiple pictures with multiple cameras…just to cover all my bases.

So here’s a selection of images I just “found” while going through my massive collection of “organized” files.  I would have never gotten them through my “professional” camera.  Remember; no matter how much I tease you for using your phone as the documenter of your life…just know that I secretly love it to.  (Insert ironic smiley face here)

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