Minnesota County Fairs

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Every summer in Minnesota, for an all too short amount of time, fairgrounds churn out an interesting mix of shaved ice, dust, and frivolity. Long conversations are had about the weather, how it is currently and how it was in years past. Bulls are ridden and entertainment is enjoyed. Welcome to Minnesota County Fairs.

I run the circuit each summer, living out of a bag and hotel rooms. Six weeks of fairs, nonstop. You learn some things. You see some things. You eat some things. By the end my pants never fit as well and my farmer’s tan is hard to beat. I try to do something new at least once during the season, and grab a few photos for posterity.

No the little guys didn’t fly as high, but they are still little badasses.

No two fairs are exactly the same. The Waseca County Fair had late night karaoke and free face painting. Lyon County sported real lumberjacks scaling logs and chain sawing wood cookies. The Faribault County Fair has allowed me to try deep fried oreo’s while watching Motokazie. I even got to watch little tiny piglets race each other at the Steele County Fair.

Mutton busting ain’t easy.

The season has ended now and we’re all enjoying our post-fair honeymoon phase. But come January the fair boards will reassemble, schedules will be hammered out, and talent will be booked. Anything could happen, and I highly recommend checking a couple out.

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  1. Nadine
    October 20, 2013

    Somehow just found your blog! Very entertaining reading, and such marvellous photos!! Are doing any Couchsurfing these days?


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