Ya Got CATS?

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Ya Got CATS?

You Got CATS! It almost sounds like a disease doesn’t it?  Or some sort of infection.  Perhaps an infestation.  Comparable to bed bugs, crabs, or rabies?  Don’t get me wrong, I like cats well enough.  I just like dogs better.  I simply feel that there’s a special bond between cat owners.  I’m not a cat […]

2012 – The Biggest Thing Since The Wheel

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It’s ok; I can tell you’re a little bit skeptical about this claim.  Alas, I have a feeling that it’s true.  Just give me a second; I’ll do my best to prove this outrageous claim to you.  It’s coming, in the next paragraph; I just wanted to have four sentences in this one. Hanson Photography […]

The Top 5 Most Important Travel Tools

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What do I bring?  Will I ever use this?  What couldn’t I live without once I get away from the comforts of home? All these questions will be answered, in this must have list of items to take with you on absolutely any trip.  You might just be headed down the street to get groceries.  […]

We Thought We Were Ready

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“Sorry sir, we don’t have” “We just ran out.  Maybe tomorrow.” A simple nod that said it all. “No.” Everywhere we went, the response was the same.  Then they would point in another direction and tell me the store up the street would have some.  The next place could help me.  I believed them.  For […]

The Art of the Barter

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Depending on where you’re raised and your understanding of the world, you might wonder why things are the way they are once you’ve left your comfort zone.  Take for example, myself.  I was raised in rural Minnesota.  Some might see it as a slightly backwards place, with strange people whose notions of fun include driving […]

A Tale of Adventure

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A Tale of Adventure

  Reliable internet is not what Nepal is known for.  Nor should it be.  But let that be my excuse for trying to jam an entire month’s worth of exploring into one simple blog. Each step is slightly harder than the last.  The darkness doesn’t help, but your eyes have adjusted to walking by moonlight […]

Doctor’s, Pills and Pushups

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“Can you please roll up your sleeves?  We’ll do two in each arm.  These could hurt a little.  Wow, no blood.  You might feel those tomorrow or later on…when I last got my flu shot all the sudden a couple weeks later my arm hurt and I couldn’t figure out why…” “Alright, we’ll get you […]

Early Preparations

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I could probably write you a mini-novel describing all the things that go into organizing a trip like this.  Every aspect has to be looked at, from what shoes you’re going to wear to what shots will be needed to protect you.  I’ve trained my body, looked at (not learned sadly) the different languages, prepared […]

The Last Supper

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The Last Supper

Years had passed since we’d last seen each other.  I find that strange to say, as I’m only twenty five.  In the interim we had finished school and pursued varied careers and adventures.  As many people now do, I would check in on my old friend via Facebook from time to time.  Perhaps I’d leave […]

Hanson Photography…is heading abroad!

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Life is meant to be lived.  Even if it means graduating from college but not moving into any particular career right away.  Even if it means going against the wishes of your parents and ideas of your friends.  Even if it means selling all your possessions and quitting your job to go on a dangerous […]