Bike Tour – Part 4 “Wet Washington”

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Bike Tour – Part 4 “Wet Washington”

Alternate Titles “Where Have All The Fungi Gone” “Is This Big Cedar?” Remember that awesome mushroom book I bought on Day Two of the trip? Yeah, after the night of infinite terror, I awoke to the chilly pitter patter of a slow drip in the tent.  We didn’t have a rainfly (to save weight, don’t judge) […]

Doctor’s, Pills and Pushups

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“Can you please roll up your sleeves?  We’ll do two in each arm.  These could hurt a little.  Wow, no blood.  You might feel those tomorrow or later on…when I last got my flu shot all the sudden a couple weeks later my arm hurt and I couldn’t figure out why…” “Alright, we’ll get you […]