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Who is this guy?

That is the title of my father’s self-published autobiography and also a very good start to getting to know me.  I could tell you all sorts of things about myself.  Such as I started late on things like coffee & beer but now I need caffeine every day and I enjoy flights of craft brew anytime I’m somewhere new.  Or I grew a beard and returned from a road trip as a lumbersexual.  I could even mention that Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the US.  Dare I say I drive a Mazda 3 because the gas mileage is great, and it’s kinda cool looking.  What if I told you I grew up in a town without a stoplight, and I bet you I graduated in the smallest class you’ve ever heard of.  But actions, like pictures, speak more than words alone can.

My life has been completely random so let’s touch on some of the more interesting ones.  I have been:

Janitor in Antarctica

Radio DJ in La Crosse AND Antarcticaian_hanson-955

Elementary/Middle/High School Substitute Teacher

Theatre/Film/Commercial Actor

Assistant to Santa Claus

Here’s a few fun things I’ve done:

Trek through the Himalaya’s

Year abroad in Norway & Australia

5k in Antarctica

Midnight Polar Plunge on New Years in Lake Michigan

Mountain bike ride from Vancouver to San Francisco

Bucket list:

Write a novel

Live on a sailboat

Appear in one of the last Star Wars movies

If you had asked me in high school when we were picking out what careers we wanted to have, there’s no way I would have ever guessed I would find myself involved in weddings.  I thought I would become a famous movie actor.  However I’ve become pretty involved having sang, filmed, DJ’d, and photographed over 100 weddings since 2008.  Some of those I’ve doubled up on the same day, cause Murica’!  In the end you could say I just love love, and really look forward to hearing about your love story.  Finding a wedding photographer is all about finding the right mix of things, and one of the biggest pieces is making a connection with someone you want around your entire wedding day.  So shoot me a message and let’s see if we’re a good match!